Evening Breeze Case Study

Evening Breeze Case Study

Talking about sustainability in the hospitality industry means efficiency in the use of resources. On a trip to Aruba, two Dutch industrial designers realized that the main environmental impact of hotels and resorts is energy consumption from the air conditioning systems. They thought: would it be possible to provide the same comfort to guests, meanwhile …

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Green Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Region

Green Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Region

In the Mediterranean region, shifting to sustainable consumption and production and thus decoupling development from environmental degradation and resource depletion becomes an urgent need due to the pressure that the economic development of the 21 regional countries is exerting on the local environment. This pressure is characterized and affected by water scarcity, population growth and …

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Green Business Start-ups

Green Business Start-ups

1. Fuergy This company isn’t a household name, but it hopes to be one day. Based in Slovakia, this private company was founded in February 2018 and touts itself as the Airbnb of clean and renewable energy. The company developed brAIn—a proprietary hardware device and artificial intelligence (AI) software. The company states that this product …

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About Intellectual Output 1


In November 2021, we finished with the Intellectual output 1 (IO1). It had two main phases:  State-of-the-art report and  Curricula development.  In the State-of-the-art, we conducted national desk research, identifying the existing legal frameworks and educational offers in the fields of Circular economy (CE) and green entrepreneurship (GE). Next up, in the field research we …

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About Transnational Project Meeting 2


Dobrodošli! what is an over the counter substitute for lorazepam In MIITR’s new offices, the Building Bridges project consortium was welcomed for our second transnational project meeting, TPM2! Partners from Belgium, Greece and Romania came to Maribor, Slovenia in February 17-18, 2022, in order to discuss the work done so far as well as plan …

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