Bridges CE Project Nears Completion: Key Points from Final Transnational Meeting

Bridges CE Project Nears Completion: Key Points from Final Transnational Meeting

The final transnational meeting for the Bridges CE project took place in Timisoara, Romania, on January 12, 2023. The meeting brought together representatives from the project’s partner organizations to discuss the final tasks that needed to be completed before the project’s conclusion.


The meeting began with an administrative update, where the partners were reminded to finalize administrative checks and timesheets by the end of February. They also discussed the travel budget and made sure that all necessary expenses were accounted for. typical cost of phentermine


The Bridges CE platform was the next topic of discussion. The partners emphasized the importance of performing the final check on the platform material by January 24th. They also discussed the finalization of translations and making translations live by March 1st. These tasks are critical to ensure that the platform is accessible to a wider audience and that language barriers do not hinder the project’s objectives.


Project dissemination was also discussed during the meeting. Each partner was reminded of their obligation to write to submit an article for dissemination purposes together with all the rest of the marketing evidence. They also discussed the need to start uploading YouTube videos on the platform to add more content and ensure that everything has appropriate links to the website and platform. The partners were urged to complete some urgent dissemination tasks to ensure that the project’s impact is felt by as many people as possible.

Finally, it was decided one of the partners to send the SEO metrics for the platform and website. This is crucial to ensure an optimized online presence that is easily found and accessible to anyone looking for information on the circular economy and youth entrepreneurship.

The discussions at the final transnational meeting for the Bridges CE project highlight the complexity of managing such a large and impactful initiative. However, the partners’ dedication and attention to detail ensure that the project will achieve its objectives and positively impact the communities it serves.