About Intellectual Output 1


In November 2021, we finished with the Intellectual output 1 (IO1). It had two main phases: 

  • State-of-the-art report and 
  • Curricula development. 

In the State-of-the-art, we conducted national desk research, identifying the existing legal frameworks and educational offers in the fields of Circular economy (CE) and green entrepreneurship (GE). Next up, in the field research we contacted our main target group, young people between 18 and 28 years old, aiming to assess the levels of competencies regarding green deal and circular economy business activities among youth.  

Based on the analysis results, we prepared a curricula framework, consisting out of the 2 e-modules, each with 4 units, tackling Green entrepreneurship & Circular economy, which are a baseline for the Intellectual output 3. The curricula identified the learning outcomes, learning objectives, competencies expected to gain when completing each unit and the workload, as well as introducing the job profile “Green entrepreneur” within. 

The main goal of the IO1 was to identify possible competencies gaps among youth and design new learning material framework, based on the actual needs. 

Our Building bridges State-of-the-art report and the curricula are available, here.

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