Evening Breeze Case Study

Evening Breeze Case Study

Talking about sustainability in the hospitality industry means efficiency in the use of resources. On a trip to Aruba, two Dutch industrial designers realized that the main environmental impact of hotels and resorts is energy consumption from the air conditioning systems. They thought: would it be possible to provide the same comfort to guests, meanwhile reducing energy consumption?

A close study of the uses and behavior of the hotel clients showed that for them it was important to be cool at night, while sleeping. This turned into a eureka-moment: what about if instead of cooling the entire room at night, we only cool the area where guest sleep?

As result, Evening Breeze developed a bed with an incorporated air conditioning system that only cools the sleeping area, saving up to 70% of room’s energy consumption (which in turn has a direct effect on energy bill savings). In this process, has been key the development of an innovative silent air conditioning system.

Today, Evening Breeze has expanded their catalogue and now also includes a system that can be adapted to any bed.

Source: Greening the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Mediterraneans, Training Program on Green Entrepreneurship and Eco-Design Guide