About Transnational Project Meeting 2



In MIITR’s new offices, the Building Bridges project consortium was welcomed for our second transnational project meeting, TPM2!

Partners from Belgium, Greece and Romania came to Maribor, Slovenia in February 17-18, 2022, in order to discuss the work done so far as well as plan the next project activities for this year. Some sightseeing and gourmancy was also a part of a well-done meeting 😊.

Team of 2 persons per organization, 10 altogether, presented and discussed about the finalized Intellectual output 1: State-of-the-art results. Furthermore, we connected those conclusions into the starting phase of the Intellectual output 3: E-course, where Building bridges consortium will develop a 2-module interactive e-course. It will be highlighting the practical guidance of establishing green entrepreneurship and circular economy-related business activities among young people in the European union.

Looking forward to a continuous fruitful collaboration!