Partner Collaboration and Learning: Building Bridges Staff Training Recap

Partner Collaboration and Learning: Building Bridges Staff Training Recap

Building Bridges aims to empower young Europeans through education and training in green entrepreneurship and circular economy practices. With millions of unemployed European youths aged 18-28, promoting entrepreneurship education with respect to sustainability and circular economy practices is urgent. To achieve this goal, we held a staff training activity in Belgium from June 7-10, 2022, hosted by our partner, Groupe One.

What Was the Staff Training About

During the staff training, we focused on collaboration and learning. Participants cooperated, exchanged good practices and experiences, and reviewed the project’s developed results.

The training was designed to provide our partners with new knowledge and skills to pass on to young people with the help of developed learning tools, materials, and the finalized e-course on which they gave feedback to improve them.

The training also emphasized on less formal methods and approaches to promote the acquisition of soft skills and language skills, such as communication in a foreign language, empathy, overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers, and public speaking.

We also took part in social events and meetings with local stakeholders that included examples of good practices. We carefully documented those practices and included them in our 2nd newsletter to serve as inspiration for developing effective learning materials. During that time, our partners engaged with the local community, learned about their needs and found ways to integrate them into the project’s goals.

A significant point of the whole meeting was the discussions on the developed e-platform and e-course. Our platform promotes digital literacy and assists our partners in exchanging ideas and resources and students in accessing learning material. The e-course is an interactive and engaging tool that helps young people develop their entrepreneurial skills and learn about circular economy practices.

The Staff Training Was a Success

Overall, the “Building Bridges” staff training activity was a success. It equipped our partners with new knowledge and skills and provided them with opportunities to engage with the local community and learn about good practices.

The project’s focus on green entrepreneurship and circular economy is timely and crucial in promoting sustainability, economic growth, and employment opportunities for young people. With the e-platform and e-course, our partners can reach a wider audience and significantly impact young Europeans’ lives.

Our project is a valuable initiative to promote green entrepreneurship and circular economy practices. As such, the staff training was integral to the project’s development and implementation as it deepened our partners’ knowledge, skills, and resources to carry out their tasks effectively. With the e-platform and e-course, the project is well-equipped to deliver high-quality learning materials to young people across Europe.

Stay tuned with our project not to miss any of our future activities!

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